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1 化學工程 化學工程 Chemical Engineering 660.2815 TS176 9780444634290 12th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering and 25th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering HOT!! 1st Gernaey, Krist V.; Huusom, Jakob K.; Gani, Rafiqul Elsevier 2015
2 健康科學 健康科學 Health Science 617.581059 RD549 9782294734168 13 Mises Au Point En Chirurgie De La Hanche 1st Denis, Huten Elsevier Masson 2012
3 化學工程 化學工程 Chemical Engineering 660.2815 TP155.75 9780444634344 24Th European Symposium On Computer Aided Process Engineering HOT!! 1st Klemes, Jiri Elsevier 2014
4 健康科學 健康科學 Health Science 616.4407543 RC655.5 9782294735387 31E Journ?e De Traumatologie Du Sport De La Piti? HOT!! 1st Besch, Sylvie Elsevier Masson 2013
5 工程 工程科學 Engineering 612.028 R857.T55 9780128005477 3D Bioprinting and Nanotechnology in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine HOT!! 1st Zhang, Lijie Grace; Fisher, John P.; Leong, Kam Academic Press 2015
6 基礎醫學 醫學 Medicine 610 9783437316166 ?rztliche Entscheidungen Bei Der Durchf?hrung Von Pr?klinischen Reanimationen HOT!! 1st Meyer, Wolfgang Urban & Fischer 2013
7 農學,生物學及食品科學 農學,生物學及食品科學 Agricultural and Biological Sciences 664.0282 TP371.3 9780857096777 A Complete Course in Canning and Related Processes, Volume 1 - Fundemental Information on Canning; Volume 2 - Microbiology, Packaging, HACCP and Ingredients; Volume 3 - Processing Procedures for Canned Food Products HOT!! 14th Featherstone, S. Woodhead Publishing 2015
8 工程 工程科學 Engineering 005.360245 TA345 9780128028179 A Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013 for Scientists and Engineers HOT!! 1st Liengme, Bemard Academic Press 2015
9 工程 工程科學 Engineering 623.8884 VK371 9780080971704 A Guide To The Collision Avoidance Rules 7th Cockcroft, A Butterworth-Heinemann 2012
10 免疫學及微生物學 免疫學及微生物學 Immunology and Microbiology 9780123983817 A Historical Perspective on Evidence-Based Immunology HOT!! 1st Moticka, Edward J. Elsevier 2015
11 社會科學 社會科學 Social Sciences 371.33 LB1028.3 9781843347538 A Librarian's Guide to Graphs, Data and the Semantic Web HOT!! 1st Powell, James Chandos Publishing 2015
12 電腦科學 電腦科學 Computer Science 364.168 HV6773.15.P45 9780128029275 A Machine-Learning Approach to Phishing Detection and Defense HOT!! 1st Amiri, I. S.; Akanbi, O. A.; Fazeldhkordi, E. Syngress 2015
13 農學,生物學及食品科學 農學,生物學及食品科學 Agricultural and Biological Sciences 9780128019337 A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae) HOT!! 1st Hong, Deyuan Academic Press 2015
14 化學 化學 Chemistry 540.14 QD7 9780444516855 A New Unifying Biparametric Nomenclature That Spans All Of Chemistry 1st Elk, Seymour Elsevier 2004
15 工程 工程科學 Engineering 9780081002025 A Practical Approach to Dynamical Systems for Engineers HOT!! 1st Mellodge, Patricia Woodhead Publishing 2015
16 圖書資訊學/電子和訊息資源 社會科學 Social Sciences 016.300973 Z675.H86 9781843345978 A Practical Guide To Electronic Resources In The Humanities 1st Dubnjakovic, Ana Chandos 2010
17 生物醫學及醫學 生物醫學 Biomedical Scienc 9780081000984 A Practical Guide to Rational Drug Design HOT!! 1st Hongmao, Sun Woodhead Publishing 2015
18 生物醫學及醫學 生物醫學 Biomedical Scienc 507.9 Q180.A1 9780124201873 A Practical Guide To Writing A Ruth L. Kirschstein Nrsa Grant HOT!! 1st Hollenbach, Andrew Academic Press 2013
19 工程 工程科學 Engineering 543 QP519.9.H53 9781856174664 A Practical Handbook Of Preparative Hplc 1st Wellings, Donald Elsevier 2005
20 工程 工程科學 Engineering 658.15 HG176.7 9780128015612 A Primer for Financial Engineering: High Frequency Trading and Signal Processing Models for the Microstructure of Financial Markets HOT!! 1st Akansu, Ali N.; Torun, Mustafa U. Academic Press 2015
21 工程/機械工程和一般材料 工程科學 Engineering 622.338 TS283 9781845697556 A Quick Guide To Api 510 Certified Pressure Vessel Inspector Syllabus: Example Questions And Worked Answers 1st Matthews, C Woodhead 2010
22 工程/機械工程和一般材料 工程科學 Engineering 621.86720287 TJ930 9781845695699 A Quick Guide To Api 570 Certified Pipework Inspector Syllabus: Example Questions And Worked Answers 1st Matthews, C Woodhead 2009
23 工程/機械工程和一般材料 工程科學 Engineering TP692.5 9781845697563 A Quick Guide To Api 653 Certified Storage Tank Inspector Syllabus: Example Questions And Worked Answers HOT!! 1st Matthews, C Woodhead 2011
24 工程/機械工程和一般材料 工程科學 Engineering 671 TS227.2 9781845696412 A Quick Guide To Welding And Weld Inspection 1st Hughes, S E Woodhead 2009
25 電腦科學 電腦科學 Computer Science 005.116 QA76.612 9781785480102 Abstract Domains in Constraint Programming HOT!! 1st Pelleau, Marie Elsevier 2015
26 工程 工程科學 Engineering 621.4 TK5103.2 9780128007365 Academic Press Library In Biomedical Applications Of Mobile And Wireless Communications: Wireless Uwb Body Area Networks HOT!! 1st Alomainy, Akram Academic Press 2014
27 工程 工程科學 Engineering 624.2 TG300 9780124072244 Accelerated Bridge Construction HOT!! 1st Khan, Mohiuddin Butterworth-Heinemann 2014
28 工程 工程科學 Engineering 620.1367 TA440 9781782423270 Acoustic Emission (AE) and Related Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) Techniques in the Fracture Mechanics of Concrete: Fundamentals and Applications HOT!! 1st Ohtsu, Masayasu Woodhead Publishing 2015
29 農學,生物學及食品科學 農學,生物學及食品科學 Agricultural and Biological Sciences 615.954 RA1242.A33 9780128028322 Acrylamide in Food: Analysis, Content and Potential Health Effects HOT!! 1st Gokmen, Vural Academic Press 2015
30 工程 工程科學 Engineering 621.3815422 TK7872.L56 9780750678131 Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamentals And Applications 1st den Boer, Willem Newnes 2005